Beautiful people. Lesbos vlog #17

Why? Why are you in Lesbos, everyone asks. Because people are beautiful. Refugee used to be just a word for me, but now it has meaning, depth. And here I worked in an international team, which was amazing.

At home I am a one man show, as an entrepreneur. When I meet someone I think: ‘How can I get out more money?’ Here I don’t get money. Here I get smiles, affection and appreciation. The more I worked here, the more I wanted to give. Here I learned so much about humanity.

Discussions with friends

I had discussions with friends at home. One friend is controller for a telecom company. Just like one of our translators here. The same job, almost the same age. But our translator had to flee, that’s the only difference.

Another friend said in a text discussion: ‘All those refugees… I don’t want them on my porch.’ Then I looked up the family tree of my own family. Where do I come from? My mothers side consists of refugees, they came from France. It’s ages ago, the same situation.

This is the foundation I volunteered for, the website has a section in English: Stichting bootvluchteling.

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  1. Marius van Vlijmen
    Marius van Vlijmen zegt:


    Geweldig hoe je op basis van je persoonlijke inspanningen en verhalen inzicht hebt gegeven in al die vluchtende en zoekende mensen die wij voor het ‘gemak’ vluchtelingen noemen. Ze hebben een gezicht gekregen! Dank daarvoor. Ik pak het stokje over ter voorbereiding op de 40 km wandeling tijdens de ‘Nacht van de Vluchteling’. Ga mijn best doen een groot sponsorbedrag op te halen om het werk dat zovele vrijwilligers doen mogelijk te (blijven) maken. Groet, Marius

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